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Home IPTV Review: How to Install on Smart TV, Android, Firestick, PC



Looking for an efficient IPTV player to stream content? Home IPTV is a top-rated choice among the most popular IPTV players available for free. It exclusively supports M3U URL or M3U8 URL from your IPTV provider. Compatible with various devices like Smart TV, PC, Firestick, and Android, using Home IPTV is hassle-free.

Advantages of Home IPTV

  • Home IPTV offers a user-friendly interface for seamless streaming.
  • Users benefit from comprehensive search options to find desired content.
  • Supports EPG Guide in XMLTV format for better program navigation.
  • Users can create a favorites list of their preferred video content.

Importance of VPN for IPTV Streaming

Using a VPN while streaming IPTV is highly recommended due to the uncertain legality of IPTV providers. It ensures data protection from potential hackers by encrypting incoming and outgoing data traffic. Premium VPN services like NordVPN and ExpressVPN provide better results for enhanced privacy.

Installing Home IPTV on Android Devices

Follow these steps to install Home IPTV on your Android device:

  1. Open any web browser on your Android device.
  2. Search for “Home IPTV” in the browser.
  3. Select a reliable source to download the IPTV app.
  4. Tap on the “Download APK” option.
  5. After downloading, go to Settings and click Security.
  6. Tap the toggle button near the Unknown Sources option.
  7. Now, navigate to the Download section and select the apk file to open.
  8. Tap on Install to install the Home IPTV app.
  9. After installation, open the application on Android devices.

Downloading Home IPTV on Firestick

Here’s how to download Home IPTV on Firestick:

  1. Set up your Firestick device and connect it to the internet.
  2. Select the Find tab from the home screen and choose the Search option.
  3. In the search bar, type Downloader and search for it in the Amazon App Store.
  4. Choose the Downloader app from the search result.
  5. Select the Get button to install Downloader on your Firestick.
  6. After installation, go to Settings > My Fire TV > Developer Options > Install Unknown Apps > Enable Downloader.
  7. Open the Downloader app and enter the Home IPTV apk link.
  8. Select Go to download the apk file on your Firestick.
  9. Click the Install button on the installation page to install and open the IPTV app on Firestick.

Downloading Home IPTV on Smart TV

Follow these steps to download Home IPTV on your Smart TV:

  1. Download the APK file of Home IPTV on your PC from a reliable source and copy it to a USB Drive.
  2. Connect the USB Drive to your TV and turn on the Smart TV.
  3. Go to Device Preferences and select Security & Restrictions.
  4. Choose Unknown Sources to install apps from any source.
  5. Open File Manager to access the USB Drive.
  6. Select the USB Drive.
  7. Choose the IPTV APK File to install it on your Smart TV.
  8. After installation, open the IPTV Player app.

Getting Home IPTV on Windows and Mac PC

Here’s how to get Home IPTV on your Windows and Mac PC:

  1. Download the APK File of Home IPTV on your PC.
  2. Download and install the BlueStacks application on your PC from its official website.
  3. Open the BlueStacks application and log in with your Google Account.
  4. Select the Install APK option.
  5. Browse the location of the Home IPTV APK file and click Open to install it on BlueStacks.
  6. The file will automatically install on your PC.
  7. After installation, launch the Home IPTV app on Windows and Mac PC.

Installing Home IPTV on Kodi

Follow these steps to install Home IPTV on Kodi:

  1. Get the Kodi app on your streaming device and open the app.
  2. Select the Settings icon at the top and choose System Settings.
  3. Click Add-ons on the left side menu and select Unknown sources to enable the option.
  4. Select Yes in the prompt and choose File Manager in Settings.
  5. Click Add Source and select the None option in the Add Source.
  6. Provide the Social Media URL in the tab for media locations path.
  7. Select OK and enter the Repository Name in the respective tab. Click OK.
  8. Move to the home screen and select Add-ons.
  9. Click the Open-box icon and choose Install from Zip File.
  10. Select the Repository and choose the Zip file. Click OK.
  11. Scroll down and click Install from repository option.
  12. Choose the Repository and click Video add-ons.
  13. Select Home IPTV Add-on and choose Install to install the app on Kodi.
  14. Choose the Add-on to launch on the device and provide the login credentials of the IPTV Provider.
  15. Click the content to stream on the device.

Getting Home IPTV on Samsung and LG Smart TV

Follow these steps to get Home IPTV on Samsung and LG Smart TV:

  1. Turn on the Samsung and LG Smart TV.
  2. Go to the respective App Store on the Smart TV.
  3. Search for Home IPTV and select the app from the suggestions.
  4. Click Install to download and install the app on the Smart TV.
  5. Select Open to launch the Home IPTV app.

Activating Home IPTV

Uploading your playlist is necessary to use Home IPTV on Fire TV, LG Smart TV, Samsung TV, etc. Follow these steps to activate Home IPTV:

  1. Open the app on your streaming device. The TV ID will be displayed in the center of the screen. Take note of the TV ID.
  2. Visit the official Home IPTV website on a PC or smartphone.
  3. Navigate to the Upload Channels tab, fill in your TV ID, M3U URL, and EPG, and click the Import Channels button.
  4. Open the HomeIPTV Player app on your Smart TV to access all the content from your IPTV provider.

Customer Support

For customer support, users can send an email with their queries. They can also connect with the support team through social media. Email communication is the primary method to get immediate results. Customer support is available 24/7.


Home IPTV is a free and efficient IPTV player, offering smooth video playback without application freezes. However, it only supports streaming via the M3U link. If you have an M3U link, you can easily add it to Home IPTV and start streaming.

Alternatives to Home IPTV

If you are unsatisfied with Home IPTV, here are some recommended alternatives:


IPTV Rayo is an excellent IPTV player supporting M3U URLs. It is available on Android, Firestick, PC, and Smart TV. This free player categorizes content for easy access.

TiviMate IPTV Player

TiviMate IPTV Player is a versatile IPTV player with TV catch-up support. It offers an easy-to-use interface and allows you to sort TV channels and PPV events.

IPTV Blink Player

IPTV Blink Player is an IPTV player with Xtream Codes support. It provides excellent video quality, external player support, parental controls, and embedded subtitles.

Supa Legacy IPTV

Supa Legacy IPTV is a free IPTV player available on Play Store and App Store. It allows you to stream content using M3U URL playlists, supports EPG, and offers TV catch-up support.

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Wawa Sport TV Review: How to watch on Android, Firestick, & Mac




Wawa Sport TV is a streaming application specializing in streaming live sports channels. It has channels from various parts of the world that stream content in different languages. With this Sports TV, you can live stream sports matches worldwide for free. You can stream matches like Premier League, Champions League, NBA basketball, Tennis, World Cup finals, and more through the channels available in the app. It has channels like BT Sports, Sky, ESPN, beIN Sports, and more. It also offers more than 700+ movies in genres like Action, Comedy, Horror, Kids, Romance, and more. The Sports TV is easy to use and has a user-friendly interface. It is compatible with Android, Firestick, Smart TV, and more.

Why Use VPN For Wawa Sport TV?

There is a possibility that Wawa Sport TV might be illegal. If it is illegal, you will have legal problems if you continue streaming on the app. This is why you need to use a VPN. VPN hides your IP address and location from ISPs, hackers, etc., and keeps you anonymous when streaming the IPTV. It protects your data and privacy as well.

Subscription Price of Wawa Sport TV

Wawa Sport TV is available for free and does not require a subscription. You just need to install the app and start streaming the IPTV.

How to Stream Wawa Sport TV on Android Devices

1. Turn on your Android device and select Settings.

2. Select Security and enable Unknown sources.

Enable unknown sources

3. Return to the home screen and open the browser.

4. Search for Wawa Sport TV and choose a trusted website.

5. Click on Download to download the APK file on your device.

6. Go to File Explorer and open the APK file.

7. Select Install and wait for the installation to finish.

8. Launch the Sports TV app and enjoy streaming your favorite sports on your device.

Wawa Sport TV

How to Get Wawa Sport TV on Firestick

1. Switch on your Firestick device, and on the home screen, select the Find tab.

Select Find

2. Click on Search and enter Downloader on the search bar.

Enter Downloader

3. From the suggestion list, choose the app and select Download to install the app on Firestick.

Select Download to stream Wawa Sport TV

4. Press the Home button on your Firestick device and return to the home screen.

5. Select Settings and click on My Fire TV.

Select My Fire TV

6. Click on Developer Options and select Install Unknown apps.

7. Choose the Downloader app and enable it.

Enable Downloader

8. Now, open the Downloader app and enter the URL of the Wawa Sport TV APK on the URL box.

Enter the URL of Wawa Sport TV

9. Click on Go to download the app on your Firestick and select Install.

10. Once the installation is done, launch the Sports TV app.

11. Start streaming your sports channel on Firestick.

How to Watch Wawa Sport TV on Smart TV

1. Select the browser on your PC and search for the Wawa Sport TV APK.

2. Download the APK file from a trusted website.

3. Connect a USB drive to your PC and move the APK file to the drive.

4. Disconnect the USB from the PC and connect it to the USB port on the Smart TV.

Connect the USB to stream Wawa Sport TV

5. Switch on your Smart TV and select Settings.

Select Settings

6. Click on Device Preferences and select Security & restrictions.

Select Device Preferences to stream Wawa Sport TV

7. Select Unknown sources and enable it.

8. Move the APK file to the Smart TV and install it.

9. Open the Sports TV app and enjoy watching live sports matches on your Smart TV.

How to Get Wawa Sport TV on Windows and Mac PC

1. Turn on your PC and open the browser.

2. Type Wawa Sport TV APK on the search bar, and from the search results, choose a trusted website.

3. Select Download, and the APK file will be downloaded on your PC.

4. Click on the Search bar and enter BlueStacks.

5. Choose BlueStack’s official website from the search results.

6. Click on Download, and the Android emulator will be downloaded on your PC.

Select Download to stream Wawa Sport TV

7. Launch the BlueStacks file and select Install to install the app on your device.

8. Open the BlueStacks app and sign in using your Google account.

Select Next to stream Wawa Sport TV

9. Select the Install APK icon on the right side toolbar of the home screen.

Select Install Apk icon

10. Choose the APK file and select Open. The app will be installed on your BlueStacks.

11. Launch the Sports TV app and stream sports matches on your PC.

Customer Support

You can contact customer support if you have any queries. But, first, visit the official website, fill in the contact us form, and submit it. It will take at least two-three days before you get a reply from them.


Wawa Sport TV is a good option to stream live sports channels if you are a sports enthusiast. In addition, it offers all the content in HD quality and doesn’t require any registration or subscription. It has a wide range of sports channels and other entertainment videos.

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VK IPTV: How to Get Free IPTV Links and Codes




VK IPTV is a social networking platform that originates from Russia. It supports multiple languages but is primarily used by Russians for communication. Similar to other social media platforms, VK allows users to send public and private messages, create groups and pages, and share multimedia content.

VK serves as a platform for IPTV service providers, where users can find groups and private pages related to IPTV. These pages sometimes provide live streaming of TV channels. VK also allows users to stream or share files not only from their own galleries but also from third-party sources. It offers the opportunity to explore various IPTV providers and read reviews. Additionally, VK has a dedicated app called VK Live for live streaming.

How to Create a VK IPTV Account

1. Go to the official VK IPTV website.

2. Fill in the required information, including your first name, last name, and date of birth.

3. Click on the “Continue registration” button.

Sign up for VK

4. Enter your phone number on the next screen and click “Next”.

5. Verify your phone number and complete the sign-up process.

6. Alternatively, you can sign in using your Facebook account.

Sign up for VK

Why It’s Crucial to Use VPN for IPTV Streaming

VK allows users to stream content from their own galleries as well as from third-party libraries. However, many of these streams may violate copyright laws. To protect yourself from any legal issues and to maintain privacy, it is highly recommended to use a VPN. A VPN hides your IP address, making you anonymous while streaming. Two popular VPN providers are CyberGhost VPN and NordVPN.

Installing VK IPTV on Android Devices

1. Open the Google Play Store on your Android device.

2. Search for the VK or VK Live app and select it.

3. Click on the “Install” button.

VK IPTV On Android

4. Once the app is installed, open it and sign in to your account.

5. Search for the IPTV service provider you’re interested in.

6. Choose the desired page or group and start streaming.

If you have an M3U URL or XTREAM codes, you can install a media player on your Android device, such as GSE Smart IPTV or Tivimate, and sign in with the provided URL to start streaming IPTV content.

Installing VK IPTV on Firestick

1. Install the Downloader app from the Amazon App Store on your Firestick.

Downloader on Firestick

2. From the home screen, go to “Settings > My Fire TV”.

Enable Unknown Sources on Firestick

3. Select “Developer Options”.

4. Choose “Install Apps from Unknown Sources”.

Enable Unknown Sources on Firestick

5. Enable the toggle for the “Downloader” app.

Enable Unknown Sources on Firestick

6. Open the Downloader app and enter the APK URL for VK IPTV or VK Live.

7. Click “Go” and wait for the app to download.

8. Install the app once the download is complete.

9. Open the VK app on your Firestick.

10. Sign in to your account.

11. Explore the VK app to find IPTV content and links.

Streaming VK IPTV on Smart TV

1. Download the VK APK file on your computer.

2. Transfer the APK file to a USB drive.

3. Insert the USB drive into your Smart TV and turn it on.

Connect USB Drive to Smart TV

4. Go to “Settings” and select “Device Preferences”.

Select Settings

5. Click “Security & restrictions”, and enable “Unknown Sources”.

Click Unknown Sources

6. Open the File Commander app.

7. Select the USB drive as the source.

8. Click on the APK file and choose “Install”.

9. The VK app will be installed on your Smart TV.

10. Open the VK app and sign in to your account.

11. Start exploring IPTV streaming sources within the VK app.

Downloading VK IPTV on PC

1. Download the VK APK file from a trusted website onto your PC.

2. Visit the BlueStacks website and download the BlueStacks emulator.

Download BlueStacks Emulator

3. Install the BlueStacks emulator on your PC.

4. Open the Android emulator and sign in with your Google account.

Sign in to your Google account

5. Click on the “Installed Apps” tab and select “Install Apk”.

6. Drag and drop the VK APK file into the emulator.

7. The VK app will be installed on your PC.

8. Open the app and sign in to your account. Start exploring various sources for IPTV streaming.

Customer Support

Customer Support VK

Sign in to your VK app or visit the VK website and go to the Support section in the Settings menu. You can find various topics to address your queries. There is no dedicated customer support specifically for IPTV services. However, you can post your questions in the Support section, and you will receive assistance as soon as possible.


While VK is not primarily an IPTV service provider, you can find various free streaming options from different third-party sources. However, it is essential to use a VPN as many of these streams may be unauthorized and have potential legal issues. Since the VK app is available on app stores, you can try it out without hesitation.

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Alpha IPTV for Android, Firestick, and PC: How to Install and Use




The Alpha IPTV is a familiar IPTV offering over 1800+ TV channels and covers categories like movies, series, sports, and much more. It is available as an app or an APK with a built-in video player. It is the only IPTV app that offers a recording feature, EPG upload option, favorites channel list, switch profiles, and more. The IPTV app is available for Windows PC, Android, and Firestick. Moreover, you can download this app from the respective stores depending on the devices.

Why Use VPN for Alpha IPTV?

VPNs are generally used to ensure data security or escape geo-restrictions. Here, IPTV is mostly a cheaper but illegal alternative to cable TV services. So, to ensure safety, we must use some of the best VPN services. Connecting to a VPN helps us mask our IP address or track our location from the service provider’s end. Though there are several VPNs available, we should select the appropriate ones that are commonly used worldwide, ExpressVPN and IPVanish VPN.

How to Sign Up to Alpha IPTV

[1]. Turn on your PC, and launch any default browsers on Windows or Mac.

[2]. Go to Alpha IPTV’s official website, and scroll down to the Pricing tab at the top of the screen.

[3]. Choose any of the Subscription Plans, and select the Buy Now option.

[4]. Finally, provide the required details, and follow the Onscreen Prompts to complete the payment process.

[5]. When you complete the payment, you will receive the login credentials on the associated mail ID.

How to Get Alpha IPTV on Android Devices

[1]. On your Android smartphone or tablet, search for the Alpha IPTV app on the Play Store.

Alpha IPTV

[2]. Select the IPTV app from the results.

Alpha IPTV

[3]. Tap the Install button.

Install button

[4]. Then, click the Open button.

Open button

[5]. Then, enter the activation code from your IPTV provider and click the Login button.

Alpha IPTV

[6]. Stream the live TV channels from your IPTV provider.

How to Get Alpha IPTV on Firestick

[1] Turn on the Firestick device, and go to the Find tab.

Search option

[2]. Click on the Search option, enter the Downloader, and pick the app from the search result.

Virtual Keyboard on FireStick

[3]. Now, click on the Download option and install the application on Firestick.

Downloader option

[4]. Tap the Home button on your Firestick remote to go to the home screen.

[5]. Choose the Settings option, and click on the My Fire TV.

My Fire TV option Alpha IPTV

[6]. Go to the Developer options, and click on Install unknown apps.

Install unknown apps

[7]. Select the Downloader app and enable it.

Downloader option

[8]. Launch the Downloader app, and search for the Alpha IPTV APK URL in the search tool.

Enter URL

[9]. Click on the Go option, and the app will be downloaded on your Firestick device.

[10]. Proceed with the installation process, and launch the Alpha IPTV app.

[11]. Enter the Activation Code and enjoy watching your favorite content.

How to Watch Alpha IPTV on a PC

[1] Launch the default browser on your PC, and go to the search bar.

[2] Enter BlueStack, and go to the official website.

[3]. Click on the Download option to get the .exe or .dmg file on your PC.

Download bluestacks

[4]. Double-click on the Android Emulator Installer file, and proceed further by clicking on the Install option.

[5]. Launch the Bluestacks app, and sign in using your Google Account.

[6]. Go to Play Store, and search for the Alpha IPTV.

Play store option

[7]. From the search result, click on the appropriate app, and install them.

Search bar on Play Store

[8]. Enter the activation code and stream Alpha IPTV content on your PC.

How to Stream Alpha IPTV on Android Smart TV

[1]. Go to the Alpha IPTV on your default browser, and search for the Alpha IPTV APK on your PC.

[2]. Download the IPTV APK from any of the trusted websites.

[3]. Connect a USB Drive to your PC, and transfer the APK file to the drive.

side load on smart TV

[4]. Unplug the USB drive from the PC and connect the USB drive to your Smart TV.

[5]. On the Smart TV, navigate to the Settings option, and choose the Security & restriction option.

[6]. Choose the Unknown source option and toggle them on.

unknown source

[7]. Install the Alpha IPTV APK on your Smart TV and launch the application.

[8]. Enter your IPTV activation code and activate the app.

[9]. Once activated, stream the live TV channels and on-demand content on your TV.

Customer Support

As the IPTV app is available for free, there is no customer support available. However, you can ask your queries in the Play Store review section. Or else, you can mail your queries to the app’s developer at [email protected]. It might take some time, but no other go you might have to wait for their response if you are looking for assistance.


Alpha IPTV is an efficient service provider, delivering many top-rated channels in different languages, including French, Arabic, and many more. If you want to try out some other similar IPTV providers, you can try the Shack TV IPTV, Gears Reloaded IPTV, and Supreme TV IPTV.

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