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Joker IPTV Review: How to Install on Android, Firestick, MAG, Enigma



Joker IPTV is an IPTV service provider that offers easy setup options for Android, Firestick, MAG, and Enigma devices. The service is available in both APK and M3U formats and supports VPN for enhanced security. With a single subscription, users can connect up to 4 devices. Joker IPTV also offers EPG support to help users stay updated with their favorite TV programs.

Why Choose Joker IPTV?

  • Joker IPTV offers a wide range of TV channels (10,000+).
  • It provides access to 20,000+ popular VOD content and TV series.
  • Users can add their favorite channels to the favorites section for easy access.
  • The service offers foreign channels from USA, UK, and Canada.
  • Joker IPTV supports streaming on MAG and Enigma devices.


Subscription Plan 1 Connection 2 Connection 3 Connection 4 Connection
1 Month Plan $9.99 $15.99 $19.99 $23.99
3 Months Plan $25.99 $35.99 $45.99 $59.99
12 Months Plan $49.99 $59.99 $79.99 $99.99

How to Sign Up for Joker IPTV

(1) Visit the Joker IPTV website using a PC or Smartphone.

(2) Choose a subscription plan and click on the Sign up Now button.

(3) Fill in the required details on the checkout page, including your name, email, and device of streaming.

(4) Click on the Pay now button and select a payment method to complete the sign-up process.

(5) Once signed up, you will receive your account credentials via email.

Why Use VPN for Streaming Joker IPTV

Using a VPN is highly recommended for streaming IPTV content. VPNs help users bypass ISP blocking and geo-restrictions, ensuring a smoother streaming experience. Premium VPNs like NordVPN and ExpressVPN are highly recommended for enhanced security and privacy while streaming Joker IPTV or any other IPTV service.

How to Install Joker IPTV APK on Android

(1) On your Android device, go to Settings and select Security.

(2) Enable Unknown sources by turning on the toggle.

(3) Open a web browser and search for Joker IPTV APK.

(4) Download the APK file from a trusted source.

(5) Open the downloaded APK file and install it on your Android device.

(6) Open the Joker IPTV app and log in with your account credentials.

(7) Once logged in, choose a channel and start streaming on your Android device.

How to Install Joker IPTV on Firestick

(1) On your Firestick, click on the Search icon on the home screen.

(2) Search for the Downloader app and install it.

(3) Go to Settings >> My Fire TV >> Developer Options.

(4) Enable Unknown sources and turn on the toggle for the Downloader app.

(5) Open the Downloader app and enter the URL of Joker IPTV APK.

(6) Download and install the APK on your Firestick.

(7) Open the Joker IPTV app and log in with your account credentials.

(8) Choose a channel to start streaming on your Firestick.

How to Install Joker TV IPTV on Windows and Mac

(1) Download and install BlueStacks on your PC.

(2) Open BlueStacks and sign in with your Google Account.

(3) Search for Joker IPTV APK and download it.

(4) Go to the BlueStacks home screen and click on the Install APK button.

(5) Select the Joker IPTV APK file and install it on BlueStacks.

(6) Open the Joker IPTV app on BlueStacks and log in with your account credentials.

(7) After signing in, you can start streaming Joker IPTV channels on your PC.

How to Install Joker IPTV on Smart TV

(1) Download the Joker IPTV APK file on a PC and copy it to a USB drive.

(2) Connect the USB drive to your Smart TV.

(3) Turn on your Smart TV and go to Settings >> Device Preferences.

(4) Enable Unknown sources for sideloading apps.

(5) Go back to Settings >> Apps and select Install from USB.

(6) Select the Joker IPTV APK file from the USB drive and install the IPTV app on your Smart TV.

(7) Open the installed IPTV app and log in with your account credentials.

(8) Choose a channel and start streaming on your Smart TV.

How to Install Joker IPTV on MAG Devices

(1) Set up your MAG device and power it on.

(2) Go to Settings >> System Settings >> Servers >> Portals.

(3) Enter the M3U URL of Joker IPTV in the Portal 1 URL field.

(4) Enter a name in the Portal 1 Name field and save the settings.

(5) Select a channel to start streaming on your MAG device.

How to Install and Watch Joker IPTV on Enigma

(1) Go to Settings on your Enigma device and access System network device >> Setup adapter >> Settings.

(2) Take note of the IP address displayed on the screen.

(3) Install and launch Putty on your PC.

(4) Enter the IP address in Putty and select Telnet.

(5) Set the Default Login as Root.

(6) Enter the M3U URL of Joker IPTV and click on Reboot.

(7) Return to your Enigma device and select a TV channel to start streaming.

Customer Support

Customer Support

Joker IPTV offers customer support through email and online contact forms. Users can reach out to the service for assistance or troubleshooting. However, please note that response times may vary, and it may take 2-3 working days to receive a reply from the service.


Joker IPTV provides a decent collection of channels and features. With 10,000+ TV channels, 20,000+ VOD contents, and support for MAG and Enigma devices, it offers a comprehensive IPTV experience. The only drawbacks are the lack of a free trial and 24/7 customer support.

Alternative for Joker IPTV

IPTV Trends

If you’re looking for alternatives to Joker IPTV, IPTV Trends is a good choice. It offers a collection of 19,000+ channels, VOD content, and 24/7 customer support. It supports various streaming devices and provides a high server uptime of 99.9%.

Xtreme HD IPTV

Xtreme HD IPTV is another recommended alternative. It provides access to 20,000+ channels, including VOD content. With features like EPG support, HD and FHD resolution support, and anti-freeze technology, it ensures a smooth streaming experience. It also offers 24/7 customer support.


Elite TV IPTV is a reliable alternative to Joker IPTV. It offers a wide range of channels (19,000+) and a large library of premium movies (40,000+). Features like PPV channels, foreign channels, and adult channels make it a comprehensive IPTV service. It also provides 24/7 customer support.

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Alpha IPTV for Android, Firestick, and PC: How to Install and Use




The Alpha IPTV is a familiar IPTV offering over 1800+ TV channels and covers categories like movies, series, sports, and much more. It is available as an app or an APK with a built-in video player. It is the only IPTV app that offers a recording feature, EPG upload option, favorites channel list, switch profiles, and more. The IPTV app is available for Windows PC, Android, and Firestick. Moreover, you can download this app from the respective stores depending on the devices.

Why Use VPN for Alpha IPTV?

VPNs are generally used to ensure data security or escape geo-restrictions. Here, IPTV is mostly a cheaper but illegal alternative to cable TV services. So, to ensure safety, we must use some of the best VPN services. Connecting to a VPN helps us mask our IP address or track our location from the service provider’s end. Though there are several VPNs available, we should select the appropriate ones that are commonly used worldwide, ExpressVPN and IPVanish VPN.

How to Sign Up to Alpha IPTV

[1]. Turn on your PC, and launch any default browsers on Windows or Mac.

[2]. Go to Alpha IPTV’s official website, and scroll down to the Pricing tab at the top of the screen.

[3]. Choose any of the Subscription Plans, and select the Buy Now option.

[4]. Finally, provide the required details, and follow the Onscreen Prompts to complete the payment process.

[5]. When you complete the payment, you will receive the login credentials on the associated mail ID.

How to Get Alpha IPTV on Android Devices

[1]. On your Android smartphone or tablet, search for the Alpha IPTV app on the Play Store.

Alpha IPTV

[2]. Select the IPTV app from the results.

Alpha IPTV

[3]. Tap the Install button.

Install button

[4]. Then, click the Open button.

Open button

[5]. Then, enter the activation code from your IPTV provider and click the Login button.

Alpha IPTV

[6]. Stream the live TV channels from your IPTV provider.

How to Get Alpha IPTV on Firestick

[1] Turn on the Firestick device, and go to the Find tab.

Search option

[2]. Click on the Search option, enter the Downloader, and pick the app from the search result.

Virtual Keyboard on FireStick

[3]. Now, click on the Download option and install the application on Firestick.

Downloader option

[4]. Tap the Home button on your Firestick remote to go to the home screen.

[5]. Choose the Settings option, and click on the My Fire TV.

My Fire TV option Alpha IPTV

[6]. Go to the Developer options, and click on Install unknown apps.

Install unknown apps

[7]. Select the Downloader app and enable it.

Downloader option

[8]. Launch the Downloader app, and search for the Alpha IPTV APK URL in the search tool.

Enter URL

[9]. Click on the Go option, and the app will be downloaded on your Firestick device.

[10]. Proceed with the installation process, and launch the Alpha IPTV app.

[11]. Enter the Activation Code and enjoy watching your favorite content.

How to Watch Alpha IPTV on a PC

[1] Launch the default browser on your PC, and go to the search bar.

[2] Enter BlueStack, and go to the official website.

[3]. Click on the Download option to get the .exe or .dmg file on your PC.

Download bluestacks

[4]. Double-click on the Android Emulator Installer file, and proceed further by clicking on the Install option.

[5]. Launch the Bluestacks app, and sign in using your Google Account.

[6]. Go to Play Store, and search for the Alpha IPTV.

Play store option

[7]. From the search result, click on the appropriate app, and install them.

Search bar on Play Store

[8]. Enter the activation code and stream Alpha IPTV content on your PC.

How to Stream Alpha IPTV on Android Smart TV

[1]. Go to the Alpha IPTV on your default browser, and search for the Alpha IPTV APK on your PC.

[2]. Download the IPTV APK from any of the trusted websites.

[3]. Connect a USB Drive to your PC, and transfer the APK file to the drive.

side load on smart TV

[4]. Unplug the USB drive from the PC and connect the USB drive to your Smart TV.

[5]. On the Smart TV, navigate to the Settings option, and choose the Security & restriction option.

[6]. Choose the Unknown source option and toggle them on.

unknown source

[7]. Install the Alpha IPTV APK on your Smart TV and launch the application.

[8]. Enter your IPTV activation code and activate the app.

[9]. Once activated, stream the live TV channels and on-demand content on your TV.

Customer Support

As the IPTV app is available for free, there is no customer support available. However, you can ask your queries in the Play Store review section. Or else, you can mail your queries to the app’s developer at [email protected]. It might take some time, but no other go you might have to wait for their response if you are looking for assistance.


Alpha IPTV is an efficient service provider, delivering many top-rated channels in different languages, including French, Arabic, and many more. If you want to try out some other similar IPTV providers, you can try the Shack TV IPTV, Gears Reloaded IPTV, and Supreme TV IPTV.

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USTVNOW for Android, Firestick & Smart TV: How to Watch 100+ Live TV Channels




USTVNow is a popular IPTV service provider that offers 100+ live TV channels, popular movies, TV series, and on-demand content. Further, it lets you record your favorite shows to watch them later. Moreover, you can stream USTVNow on Android smartphones, iOS smartphones, Firestick, Smart TVs, PC, and more.

Why Choose USTVNow

These are the key features of USTVNow that you can consider before getting a subscription.

  • Offers 100+ US Live TV channels under an affordable subscription plan
  • Comes with a TV guide to get track of your favorite programmings
  • Provides DVR with a premium subscription to record your favorite shows
  • Gives 24/7 technical support for the customers

Channels Offered by USTVNow

We have listed the popular live TV channels offered by USTVNow:

  • CNBC
  • AMC
  • Bravo
  • ESPN
  • BBC America
  • Lifetime
  • NBC
  • TLC
  • FOX
  • PBS
  • USA Network
  • CTV
  • AWE
  • The Weather Channel
  • Discovery
  • CW 11

Subscription Plans Offered By USTVNow

Below are the subscription plans offered by this service provider.

  • 1-Day Trial: $1.99
  • USTVNow: $19 per month
  • USTVNow + DVR: $29 per month
  • TELEUP + DVR: $11.99 month
  • Canada + DVR: $4.99 per month

How to Subscribe to USTVNow

1. Open a web browser on your PC or Smartphone.

2. Navigate to the official website of USTVNow.

3. Tap the Plans tab at the top right corner.

 Tap the Plans tab

4. Select the plan and click the Proceed button.

Select the plan of USTVNow

5. If you have an account already, you can sign in with that account details.

6. Or you need to enter your name and email address to create a new account.

create a new account of USTVNow

7. Follow the on-screen instructions to complete the payment process.

8. After you complete the payment process, your login credentials will be sent to your registered email address.

Why is VPN Important while Streaming USTVNow

As of today, we couldn’t find this service on the official app stores. These services may deliver some content without a proper license, so streaming content from unregistered streaming services is not safe. It is good to use a VPN with your device to protect yourself against legal issues. Because using a VPN will hide your personal details with encrypted servers. You can connect to popular VPNs like NordVPN or ExpressVPN while streaming these service providers.

How to Watch USTVNow

After you subscribe to this IPTV service provider, you can watch live TV channels and on-demand content on the following devices:

How to Stream USTVNow on Android and iOS devices

1. Open the default web browser on your Android or iOS device.

2. Head to the official website ( of USTVNow.

3. Tap the Sign-in button at the top right corner of the web page.

4. Enter the Username and Password that you received with the subscription.

Enter the Username and Password

5. Once entered, click the Sign in button again.

6. Now, you can access all the live Tv channels and on-demand content.

How to Watch USTVNow on Firestick

1. Set up your Firestick device and press the Home button on your remote control.

2. Select the Find and click the Search tile.

3. Enter Silk Browser in the search bar and pick the same from the suggestion list.

Enter Silk Browser in the search bar

4. Click the Download button to get the app.

Click the Download button

5. After installation, launch the app on your device.

6. Tap the Accept Terms button and hit the Search bar.

7. Enter the URL link ( of the USTVNow and click the Go button.

Enter the URL link of the USTVNow website

8. Now, you will be redirected to the webpage.

9. Tap the Sign in button and provide your details to sign in to your account

10. After that, you can stream all of your favorite live Tv channels and on-demand content.

How to Get USTVNow on Windows and Mac PC

1. Turn on your PC and ensure it is connected to the internet.

2. Open the default browser on your PC.

3. Navigate to the official website of USTVNow.

official website of USTVNow

Note: You can also hit the Free To Watch tab to stream some free live TV channels without having to sign in to your account.

4. Tap the Sign in button and type your details.

5. Now, you can stream all of your favorite live TV channels and on-demand content on your Windows and Mac PC.

How to Access USTVNow on Smart TV

1. Power on your Smart TV and ensure it is connected to the internet.

2. Go to the home screen of your Smart TV and hit the Apps tab.

3. Scroll and select the Google Play Store.

Open Google Play Store - Stream USTVNOW

4. Search for Puffin TV Browser and select it from the search results.

5. Hit the Install button and install the Puffin TV browser on your Smart TV.

6. After installation, select the Open button to launch the web browser.

7. Enter the URL of in the search bar and visit it.

8. Sign in with your subscription details.

9 You can now start watching your favorite shows on your Smart TV.

How to Stream USTNNow on Chromecast

1. Connect your Chromecast device to your TV and set it up.

2. Turn on your PC and open the Chrome web browser on it.

3. Make sure your Chromecast device and PC are connected to the same wifi network.

4. Head to the official website ( of USTVNOW and sign in with your account.

5. Tap the vertical three-dots icon from the upper right corner and select the Cast option.

 select the Cast option

6. Select your Chromecast device from the list.

7. Pick the content of your wish from USTVNOW’s official webpage.

8. You can now start streaming your favorites on your Chromecast-connected TV.

Customer Support

USTVNow provides 24/7 customer support through live chat to give immediate answers to users’ queries. You can also use the email address to get solutions for your queries. Further, you can fill out the support ticket form with the issue you are currently facing, and the support team will get back to you as soon as possible.


USTVNow is the best option for those who like to watch limited live TV channels for free. Compared to other service providers, this service provider is easy to access on its compatible device. Though you can access it for free, you can try its test trial at $1.99 to explore all features of USTVNow.

Alternatives to USTVNow

If you are not satisfied with the content offered by USTVNOW, you can try the other best premium IPTV service providers as alternatives.

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How to Install Alvin Kodi Addon on Android, Firestick, and PC




Alvin Kodi Addon is the often known as quickest and most light-weight addon on Kodi. With that, it provides content material like TV reveals, Films, Films, Individuals, New Episodes, and so forth. As well as, you may get the Actual Debrid to entry extra premium content material in top quality.


  • Greatest assortment of On-Demand content material.
  • Consumer-Pleasant Interface to entry the popular content material.
  • Actual Debrid device to stream high-resolution content material.
  • This addon file measurement is lesser than a lot of the different add-ons

Why Hook up with a VPN Whereas Streaming on Alvin Kodi Addon

The content material provided by Alvin Kodi Addon is usually with out correct copyright. Furthermore, you may face content material blocking or an account ban for those who attempt to stream these content material by the federal government and ISP protocols. Nevertheless, to deal with these and different insecurity points, we suggest utilizing premium VPNs like ExpressVPN and NordVPN.

The right way to Get Alvin Kodi Addon

Alvin Kodi Addon can’t be put in immediately on Kodi as an add-on, so you must add Octopus Repository. In that case, comply with the beneath steps to get the Alvin Kodi Addon.

  • Android Cellphone – Set up the Kodi app from the Play Store.
  • Home windows PC – Kodi app is on the market on Microsoft Store.
  • Mac PC – Discover the Kodi app from the Official Website.
  • Firestick – comply with the given steps to put in the app.
    • Go to the Amazon App Retailer, and search and set up the Downloader app.
    • Now, open the Settings menu, adopted by My Fireplace TV> Developer Choices> Set up Unknown Apps, beneath that allow the Downloader app.
    • Open the Downloader app and enter the Kodi APK file hyperlink (, then click on the Go button.
    • Then, go to the File part within the downloader app and set up the Kodi APK file on Firestick.

The right way to Set up Alvin Addon on Kodi

To get the Alvin Addon on Kodi you must Octopus Repository, so comply with the steps given beneath to put in the Alvin Addon.

Allow Unknown Supply

1. Open the Kodi app in your most well-liked machine.

2. Click on the Settings icon from the house web page.

Settings option on Kodi app

3. Navigate to the System possibility tile and click on it.

System option on Kodi

4. Below that, choose the Addons part and allow the Unknown sources possibility.

Unknown sources on Kodi app

5. On the Warning! pop up dialog field, click on the Sure button.

Warning dialog box on Kodi

Set up Alvin Kodi Addon

1. Click on the File supervisor possibility on the Settings web page.

File manager option on Kodi.

2. Below that click on the Add supply possibility.

Add source option on Kodi.

3. Right here, click on the <None> within the dialog field after which enter the [] hyperlink, then click on the OK button.

Enter the repository link on kodi

4. Then, give the identify octopus and click on the OK button beneath.

Give a name to the repository link on kodi

5. Now, return to the settings web page and choose the Addons possibility tile.

Add-ons option on Kodi

6. Below that, choose the Set up from a zipper file possibility from the checklist.

Install from zip file option on Kodi

7. Choose the Octopus from the checklist.

select the octopus zip file

8. Right here, choose the file, and watch for some time to put in.

Select the repository file on kodi

9. When you see the put in notification, choose the Set up from zip file possibility.

Install from repository.

10. Then, click on the Octopus repository possibility.

Octopus Repository on kodi

11. Below that click on the Video add-ons possibility.

Video add-ons on Kodi.

12. From the checklist of choices choose Alvin.

Alvin Addon on kodi

13. Within the Alvin addon data web page, click on the Set up button.

Alvin info page on kodi

14. Click on OK on the extra add-ons dialog.

additional addons of Alvin addon on kodi

15. As soon as the Kodi addon is put in you’ll obtain a notification.

The right way to Use Alvin Addon

1. Open the Kodi app and choose the Add-ons part beneath from the menu panel.

2. Below the Video add-ons heading choose the Alvin Addon.

3. Now, you possibly can choose your most well-liked content material from the checklist the classes, and luxuriate in streaming.

Alvin content categories on kodi

Alternate options to Alvin Kodi Addon

Alvin Addon doesn’t provide extra content material than you favor to stream in your machine, so you possibly can strive different related Addons and even higher ones to satisfy your requirement for streaming. In that case, we’ve got talked about a number of add-ons as alternate options beneath.

Asgard Kodi Addon

Asgard Kodi Addon is greatest as leisure content material offering Kodi addon that’s accessible. Furthermore, it provides completely different classes of content material like Television reveals, Films, VoDs, Sports activities, Information, and so forth. Additionally, you possibly can stream premium content material utilizing Actual Debrid.

Asgard Kodi Addon

DejaVu Kodi Addon

DejaVu Kodi Addon is the best-known Kodi addon to stream in content material 4K UHD decision in your most well-liked machine. As well as, it provides the most recent Films, TV reveals, Music, and extra, which might be streamed on Kodi-compatible units.

DejaVu Kodi addon

Stallion Kodi Addon

Stallion Kodi Addon provides greater than 1000 Dwell TV channels of each nationwide and worldwide content material. Additionally, you possibly can stream different content material like Films, Sports activities, and Collection from US and UK areas.

Stallion IPTV Kodi Addon


Alvin Kodi Addon is a more sensible choice to stream new and on-demand on TV reveals, New Films, Individuals, New Episodes, and extra. Additionally, it provides the Actual Debrid part, the place you possibly can stream premium content material in your machine. Nevertheless, if you’re not happy with the content material, then you possibly can simply strive the above-mentioned alternate Kodi addons on your most well-liked content material.

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