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How to Install and Stream IPTV on VIZIO Smart TV



If you’re an owner of a smart television, there is also an option to download and use IPTV applications to stream thousands of live TV channels. Brands like VIZIO, Samsung, and LG provide their own app stores for users to install various applications and games. Therefore, you are able to download one of the compatible IPTV apps onto your VIZIO Smart TV.

There are two types of VIZIO Smart TVs available: VIZIO SmartCast TV and VIA (VIZIO Internet Apps). SmartCast TV has some pre-installed apps available, but if you want to install additional apps, you need to cast them from your smartphone. If you have a Vizio VIA TV, you can directly install apps from the VIZIO App Store. For streaming IPTV on VIZIO TV, you can choose to cast the IPTV app or install an IPTV app available on the VIZIO App Store.

The Importance of Using a VPN While Streaming IPTV on Vizio TV

IPTV providers are always under legal scrutiny, making it hard to determine their legitimacy. It’s common for these providers to track your online activity and geolocation for personalization purposes. To protect your privacy, it’s advisable to use a VPN (Virtual Private Network) on your streaming devices. When connected to a VPN, your internet traffic is routed through a secure IP address in another country, ensuring your personal information remains private. We recommend using premium VPN services such as ExpressVPN and NordVPN.

Step-by-Step Guide: How to Install IPTV on VIZIO Smart TV (VIA TV)

(1) Turn on your Vizio Smart TV and ensure it’s connected to the internet.

(2) Press the V button on your VIZIO remote to open the VIZIO App Store.


(3) On the top menu, you’ll find different options. Go to the All Apps section.


(4) Manually search for IPTV apps. The VIZIO App Store doesn’t have an integrated search option, so you’ll need to browse through the available apps.

(5) Once you find the IPTV app, select the OK button on your VIZIO remote to install it on the VIZIO Smart TV.

(6) Go to My Apps and open the IPTV app.

(7) Choose and start streaming IPTV content on your TV.

How to Cast IPTV on VIZIO Smart TV: SmartCast TV

Some IPTV apps, like GSE SMART IPTV, support casting. Therefore, you can cast the app from your smartphone to your VIZIO Smart TV.

(1) Download the IPTV app on your Android smartphone from the Google Play Store.

(2) Connect both your VIZIO Smart TV and smartphone to the same Wi-Fi network.

(3) Open the IPTV app on your smartphone.

(4) Tap the Cast icon within the app.

Cast icon

(5) Select your VIZIO Smart TV from the list to establish a connection.


(6) You can now start playing IPTV content on your VIZIO SmartCast TV.

How to AirPlay IPTV on Vizio Smart TV

If you have an iOS device, you can AirPlay IPTV apps to your Vizio Smart TV. The Vizio Smart TV supports AirPlay, enabling you to connect your iOS devices.

(1) Unlock your iOS device and launch the App Store.

(2) Search for the IPTV app in the App Store and download it.

(3) Open the IPTV app on your iOS device and sign in with your IPTV Provider credentials.

(4) Access the Control Center and find the Screen Mirroring option.

(5) Select the Screen Mirroring option and choose your Vizio Smart TV to establish a connection.

Select Screen Mirroring

(6) Begin streaming IPTV content on your Vizio Smart TV through AirPlay.

Top IPTV Providers for Vizio Smart TV

When searching for an IPTV provider for your Vizio Smart TV, consider these top options:

Xtreme HD IPTV

Xtreme HD IPTV

Xtreme HD IPTV offers over 20,000 live TV channels with EPG support. They provide channels in high definition (HD) and full high definition (FHD) quality. This IPTV service is compatible with Android, Firestick, PC, and Smart TV. It utilizes anti-freeze technology to ensure uninterrupted streaming of TV channels. Customer support is available 24/7.



Kemo IPTV is an excellent choice for international TV channel streaming. They offer an extensive channel lineup with over 19,000 channels, as well as an extensive library of on-demand movies, series, and TV shows, amounting to over 96,000 titles. This IPTV service provides streaming in 4K and 8K resolution.

Necro IPTV

Necro IPTV

Necro IPTV offers TV channels from the US, Italy, Germany, Canada, the UK, and other European countries. They provide premium TV channels as well as sports channels in their lineup. With this IPTV provider, you can stream over 7000 TV channels in stunning 4K Ultra HD quality.



SSTV IPTV is a top-tier IPTV service for live TV channel streaming. They provide over 8000 TV channels, including international channels. SSTV IPTV offers HD quality and EPG support. This IPTV provider supports M3U URL streaming on Android, Firestick, PC, and Smart TV.

Breaking Cable TV

Breaking Cable IPTV

Breaking Cable TV is an excellent IPTV provider offering over 10,000 TV channels and a vast library of on-demand content. The TV channels are available in high-definition (HD) quality. They also offer EPG support, providing a TV schedule for the entire channel lineup. Breaking Cable TV offers a subscription starting at $15 per month with 3 simultaneous connections.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I get IPTV on my Vizio TV?

You can either install an IPTV player or cast an IPTV player from your smartphone to stream IPTV service provider content on your Vizio TV.

Can I install IPTV Smarters Pro on my Vizio Smart TV?

Unfortunately, you cannot install IPTV Smarters Pro directly on your Vizio Smart TV. However, you can cast the app to your Vizio TV from your smartphone.

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How To

Why IPTV is Not Working and How to Fix It [8 Common Problems]




The reason why IPTV became popular is because of the affordable subscription plans they offer. There are IPTV providers that offer IPTV content and IPTV players that stream the IPTV content from the providers. Since IPTV tech is a growing technology, it may not be working for you sometimes. There are a lot of reasons why IPTV is not working for you. But you can fix the issue easily.

Why IPTV is Not Working

The following are the reasons why the IPTV is not working for you:

  • Internet connectivity issues
  • Your ISP may have blocked your IPTV service
  • Your subscription might have expired
  • Hardware issues on your IPTV player

First Check This!

The following are the things that you need to check first if you find out that the IPTV is not working for you:

1. Check the Internet Connection

The major reason for IPTV not working is the weak internet connection. Generally, people think 4 Mbps internet speed is sufficient but actually, what they need is 20 Mbps to stream their favorite content in high quality. When you have a weak internet connection, you can follow the below fixes.

Weak Internet Connection

How to Fix the Issue?

  • Restart your modem or router.
  • Connect your device using an ethernet cable.
  • Contact your internet provider to get a good internet connection.

2. Check your Processor on the TV

You must have a TV with a good processor to stream IPTV. Because if the processor is weak, you will not be able to download the heavy IPTV app on your TV.

How to Fix the Issue?

  • Make sure your TV has good storage capacity.
  • To access more live TV channels, you need 2 GB RAM and 16 GB ROM.
  • Should have ventilation holes on your device to cool your TV.

8 Common IPTV Problems & Solutions

The following are the problems you will face when IPTV is not working for you:

Problem 1 – Login Problems

Many IPTV users undergo login issues when they try to log in with their accounts. Because IPTV takes a long time to log in. It is because too many users may be using the IPTV app at the same time, So you can follow the below fixes to resolve this problem.

How to Fix the Issue?

  • Check the login credentials.
  • Wait for a few minutes and try logging in to your account again.
  • Close the IPTV app and open it after a few minutes.

Problem 2 – IPTV Not Loading

Another common problem with IPTV is loading issues. You will find only a blank screen, or the content keeps loading when you open the IPTV app. Most of the time, this issue appears because of a weak internet connection.

IPTV Not Loading

How to Fix the Issue?

  • Make sure you have a stable internet connection.
  • Restart the IPTV app on your device.
  • Uninstall the IPTV app and reinstall it.

Problem 3 – IPTV Crashing Issue

If you are using IPTV for a long time, the app will start crashing. Sometimes, the app will crash if too many users are using the IPTV app at the same time.

How to Fix the Issue?

  • Stop using the IPTV app for a few hours.
  • If the app crashes due to the internet service provider, use a VPN.
  • Clear the cache on your IPTV app and device.
  • Due to the excess traffic on a particular live TV channel or a TV show, the IPTV app may crash. So, wait for some time to fix the issue.
  • Since most of the IPTV service providers are illegal, your Internet Service provider may have blocked the content from streaming. In this scenario, connect to a VPN to fix the issue.

Problem 4 – IPTV with Blank Screen

Sometimes, you will find a blank screen on the IPTV app, especially on your Android devices. For some users, the screen will go blank, and they can hear only the audio. This may happen when you use the older versions of the IPTV app or maybe a problem with a particular channel.

How to Fix the Issue?

  • Restart the IPTV app on your device.
  • Check for updates to update the app.
  • Try steaming other channels to check if the problem is with the channel or app.
  • If the problem is with the app, remove and reinstall it.

Problem 5 – Installation and Update Issues

Generally, IPTV can be streamed on all devices. When you find issues while installing the app, it may not be compatible with your device. Further, there are also unregistered IPTV services that will cause issues during the installation.

How to Fix the Issue?

  • Install the IPTV app that is compatible with your device.
  • Use a VPN while installing the app.
  • Try using registered IPTV service providers

Problem 6 – Playback Failed or Stream Unavailable

Sometimes, you will find Playback Failed or Stream unavailable message on the screen. This error will appear when your IPTV server is down. Further, your IPTV app might be blocked by Internet Service Provider.

Playback Failed or Stream Unavailable- IPTV Not Working

How to Fix the Issue?

  • Wait till the IPTV server gets back.
  • Try using other service providers.
  • Connect to a VPN and try streaming the IPTV content.

Problem 7 – Audio Not Playing

When you are watching your favorite shows or movies, if the audio stops suddenly or doesn’t sync with the audio, it frustrates you to the core. But you can resolve it by following the below steps.

How to Fix the Issue?

  • Close the app and open it after a few seconds.
  • Change the audio settings on your device.
  • Try using other apps to check if the problem is with the app or device

Problem 8 – Video Not Playing

You cannot play certain movies or TV shows sometimes on your device. It is only because your device doesn’t support particular video formats, or it may be because of a weak internet connection. If you face this kind of issue, the following steps will help you fix the issue.

How to Fix the Issue?

  • Ensure that you are connected to a stable internet connection.
  • Close the IPTV app and open it again.
  • Check if you have a valid subscription to access the IPTV content.

The Bottom Line

If you have tried all the above fixes mentioned above and still the IPTV app is not working, you need to contact the support team of the particular IPTV app. You may get an immediate response from the IPTV providers to resolve your issue and have a nice streaming experience.

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The Crew Kodi Addon – Review and Installation Guide Included




The Crew addon is one of the most popular Kodi addons that streams IPTV content, popular movies & TV shows, kid’s content, and more. You can stream all of this content absolutely free. Additionally, using the Search feature, you can search for your favorites easily. Moreover, you can install the Kodi app on your Android smartphones, iOS Smartphones, Firestick, Windows PC, and Mac PC.

Features of The Crew Addon

  • Provides movies, series, TV Shows, and major sports leagues.
  • Content is categorized according to the genre automatically.
  • Supports Real Debrid, Trakt, and Subtitles.
  • User-friendly User Interface.

Why Using VPN is Important While Streaming The Crew Kodi Addon

We are unable to identify whether The Crew Addon is legal or not. But it provides content from different providers. So your personal details will be at risk while you are streaming this service. Hence, you need to use a VPN like ExpressVPN and IPVanish VPN to ensure you have a safe streaming experience. When you use a VPN it will hide your online activities using an encrypted server.

How to Get The Crew Kodi Addon

You can install and stream The Crew Addon using Kodi on the following devices.

How to Install Kodi on Firestick

1. Go to the home screen of Firestick.

2. Select the Find tab and choose the Search tile under it.

Select Search

3. Next, search for the Downloader app using the virtual keyboard.

Search for Downloader

4. Select the Downloader app tile from the search results.

Select Downloader

5. Hit the Download or Get button to install the Downloader app.

Install Downloader

6. Next, go to the home screen and select Settings.

7. Choose the My Fire TV tab.

Select My Fire TV

8. Now, select the Developer options and then the Install Unknown Apps option.

Turn on Downloader

9. Select the Downloader app and turn it on.

10. Now, launch the Downloader app and select the Home tab.

11. On the URL Box, enter the URL of the APK File for Kodi (

12. Hit the Go button and download the Kodi app.

Install Kodi - The Crew Kodi Addon

13. After downloading the Kodi app, select the Install button.

14. Within a couple of minutes, the Kodi app will be installed on your Firestick.

How to Install The Crew Kodi Addon

To install The Crew addon first, you need to enable unknown sources on Kodi.

Enable Unknown Sources

1. Launch the Kodi app and click the Settings icon.

click the Settings icon

2. Scroll down and click the System tile.

 click the System tile

3. On the left side menu, tap the Add-ons option.

tap the Add-ons option

4. Toggle on the Unknown sources option to enable it.

 Unknown sources

5. Click Yes in the prompt that appears on the screen to complete the process.

Click Yes in the prompt

Install The Crew Kodi Addon

1. Open the Kodi app on your device.

2. Tap the Settings icon at the top of the left pane.

3. Select the File Manager tile under Settings.

Select the File Manager tile

4. Next, click the Add source folder.

click the Add source

5. Tap the <None> field and provide the following URL, and hit Ok.

6. Once entered, type the file name and click the Ok button again.

type the file name

8. Navigate to the Kodi home screen again.

9. Scroll down and select the Add ons option under Settings.

select the Add-ons

10. Next, click the Package Installer icon at the top left corner.

11. Select the Install from zip file option.

13. Scroll down and select the ForKodi folder.

select the file

14. Select the zip file and click Ok.

15. Now, The Crew Repo Add-on installed message will appear on the screen.

16. Next, click the Install from repository option under Recently updated.

17. Tap The Crew Repo on the next screen.

Tap The Crew Repo

18. Choose Video add-ons and select The Crew option.

choose The Crew

19. Hit the Install button at the bottom of the screen.

Hit the Install button

20. That’s it, the Crew add-on installed message will appear on the screen.

How to Use The Crew Kodi Addon

1. Navigate to the Kodi home screen.

2. Choose the Add-ons option and choose video add-ons. From there, select The Crew Add-ons tile.

 Choose the Add-ons option

3. Now, you can see different categories on the home screen.

 home screen of The Crew Addon

4. Use the search bar to search for the content of your wish.

search for the content

5. The Crew will search for the links over the internet.

6. Click the link and start streaming it on your device.

start streaming using The Crew Addon

7. If the link you selected doesn’t work, you can try the other links available on the site.


The Crew Addon is the best option for those who like to stream their favorite IPTV content. But using free services is not always advisable as it may deliver some pirated content. However, you can install the addon on your device once to test its service.

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How to Install the Fluxus IPTV Kodi Addon on Firestick, Android, Windows & Mac PC




Fluxus IPTV is an IPTV service provider with 4000 live TV channels in all categories including sports, news, and kids. You can also stream your favorite movies, videos on-demand, and live sports online. Moreover, the Fluxus IPTV addon is available for Kodi. So, with it, you can easily access the free live TV on devices like Firestick, Android, Windows & Mac PC.

Features of Fluxus IPTV Addon

  • Stream live channels from USA, UAE, UK, and more.
  • Get access to movies and on-demand videos.
  • Comes with an easy-to-use interface.
  • No registration or subscription is required.
  • Lets you integrate Real-Debrid and All Debrid

Why is VPN Necessary While Streaming The Fluxus IPTV Addon

It is common to doubt IPTV service providers as they may contain some content that will lead to legal issues. Fluxus IPTV is also a free service, so there are lots of possibilities for the provider to deliver the content without a proper license. So you need to ensure you are safe when you use these services. You can use the premium VPNs like NordVPN and ExpressVPN to ensure you are safe. Using a VPN can also unblock geo-restrictions.

How to Get Fluxus IPTV Addon

How to Install Kodi on Firestick

1. Navigate to the Firestick home screen by pressing the Home button on your remote control.

2. Tap the Find and click the Search tile.

Tap the Find and click the Search tile

3. Enter Downloader in the search bar using the on-screen keyboard.

 Enter Downloader in the search bar

4. Select the app and click the Download button to install the app.

click the Download button

7. Get back to the Firestick home screen and click the Settings icon.

8. Choose My Fire TV >> Developer Options >> Install Unknown Apps >> Turn on Downloader.

 Turn on Downloader

9. Open the Downloader app and click the Home tab.

10. Enter the download link of the Kodi APK ( in the URL field.

Enter the download link of the Kodi APK

11. Tap the Go button to download the APK file.

12. Finally, click the Install button to install the app on your device.

How to Install Fluxus IPTV Addon

Fluxus IPTV is a third-party addon, so you need to enable unknown sources on Kodi to install it.

Enable Unknown Sources

1. Open the Kodi app and tap the Settings icon.

 tap the Settings icon

2. Scroll down and click the System tile.

click the System tile

3. Select Add-ons on the left side menu.

Select Add-ons

4. Swipe the toggle followed by Unknown Sources to enable it.

Unknown Sources

5. Hit the Yes button that appears after installation.

Hit the Yes button to install Fluxus IPTV Addon

Install Fluxus IPTV Addon

1. Press the back button to get back to the Settings screen.

2. Choose the File Manager tile.

Choose the File Manager tile

3. Tap the Add source folder on the next screen.

Tap the Add source folder

4. Click the <None> box and enter the following URL and tap Ok.

Fluxus IPTV Addon

5. Next, enter the file name and click the Ok button again.

6. Press the back button until you get to the System screen.

7. Hit the Add-ons tile next to File Manager.

 Hit the Add-ons tile

8. Click the Package Installer icon at the top left corner.

9. Choose Install from the zip file on the right side menu.

10. Select the folder name you previously saved.

 Select the folder to install Fluxus IPTV Addon

11. Click the Zip file and tap the OK button.

 Click the Zip file

12. Now, the Narcacist’s Wizard Repository add-on installed message will appear on the screen.


13. Tap the Install from repository option.

14. Choose Narcacist’s Wizard Repository on the next screen.

Choose Narcacist

15. Click Video add-ons and select Fluxus IPTV.

 select Fluxus IPTV

16. Tap the Install button at the bottom of the screen.

Tap the Install button to get Fluxus IPTV Addon

17. If the installation is successful, the Fluxus IPTV add-on installed message will appear on the screen

 Fluxus IPTV add-on installed

How to Use Fluxus IPTV Addon

1. Launch the Kodi main menu.

2. Select Add-ons and tap Video add-ons.

3. Click the Fluxus IPTV addon tile.

4. Now, you view the home screen of Fluxus IPTV.

 home screen of Fluxus IPTV

5. Finally, you can choose or search for your favorite content and watch them on your device.


Fluxus IPTV addon is the best choice for Kodi users who wish to stream IPTV content for free. In case you don’t like the content offered by the Fluxus IPTV Kodi addon, you can also check out the other popular Kodi addons like the Crew Kodi addon to stream your favorite content.

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